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          No shaking Taiwan from the motherland: China Daily editorial更多 >>
          • Weve seen it in him (Putin) breaking off the EU discussions with Armenia.
          • BEIJING - Beijing citizens who provide useful information on spying are eligible for a cash reward of up to 500,000 yuan (,460), according to a policy that went into effect Monday.
          • HARBIN - A snowfall warning was issued and sections of an expressway were closed in northeast China on Monday, with many parts of the region bracing for a sweeping cold front.
          • Tokyo has always maintained it was trying to prove whale populations were big enough to sustain commercial hunts.
          • Compared with some other countries, the punishments for traffic violations in China are less severe, which has failed to do enough to deter potential offenders, she said.
          • Four people managed to escape while the rest were pulled out by rescuers, said the statement.
          • Among all the respondents, more than 66 percent of women said that bad moods impact their sleep negatively, 2 points higher than male respondents.
          • BEIJING -- China will encourage voluntary drug rehabilitation and build a social service network for the addicted, according to a guideline for national anti-narcotics work made public on Sunday.
          • Fans are marking his death 40 years ago this weekend with art gallery shows, exhibitions and even street graffiti but some people are urging the Hong Kong government to do more to honour the star.
          • 48-km long and able to withstand extreme cold in the city, which has a record low temperature of 38.
          • An NGO that focuses on womens rights has urged authorities to look into allegations that several colleges have lowered their minimum entrance-exam scores only for boys.
          • More attention should be paid to the supervision system reform.
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